How long until time is enjoyed by All ?

By Ndlo

The years and months are grinding unhaulted in the machine of time. As they do so they bring about life and consume lives.

Oh what can be said about the affinity of Life to consume those who help bring more of its qualitative self !

We live our lives knowing fully well that humanity is ready, Always, to bid farewell to the men and women who dare stand convinced that humanity deserves better.

They get ‘GRAVED’ for going against establishments they know shall put them under in echoing The words of Socrates:

“Do not be upset when I tell you the truth! No human can start an honest fight with you or any other public assembly, nobody can try to stop chrimes and unlawful doings without failing and going under”

We cast our minds to the deep “fairness” of time to those who want it spent for the better good of the all humanity. We see its nonchalant attitude towards protecting the establishment.

“Be sure that if you kill the sort of man I say I am, you will not harm me more than yourselves.” Wittingly or otherwise the son of Magaqa, Bomber Ntshangase and many others might have had this in mind when their resolve to put their tiny hands against the
“normal” grind of the machine that is the establishment.

With us as passengers in the vehicle that takes us to the lands far, far away, their bodies were ground to pulp. For a short time only we jumped up and down. Learning from the calmness of the drivers of this machinery, our calm is getting restored.

To the Captains of the establishment we attribute the curse of Marikana Massacre without an iota of a wish to forgive them.

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