Operation call a school


..Where our kids are. Understand their progress. We need to do this to understand a lot of things.

Imagine yourself as a kid and the amount of joy it could have brought to you if your father/mother were to call your teacher and hear about your progress.

Teachers need to be immersed in Love. They need to be recognised. Like all other workers they need to be given that tap on their backs for the heavy load they are carrying in their broad and capable shoulders.

I salute those who once woke up one day to go to UMzimkhulu primary School, Zuzicebo High School, Malevane Secondary School and Umbusi High Schools, to teach us.

I salute those who stood before me to and coached me at Mangosuthu Technikon!

I didn’t perform up to my best, I believe. Had circumstances been better around my parents, I know they would have provided me with even more support. That more support would have been them just calling in at my school just to understand my progress.

We are pushing many struggles. We would love for those struggles to be relayed to the prepared and willing hearts of our kids and the rest of the coming generations.

One of the ways is to partake in the development of our kids the best we possibly can. I am saying “can” because I am currently not doing that. You might be doing your best already, Dear Brother/sister, Keep it up. Share with us your strategy and tactics.

How nice is it to talk to a teacher and you feel that our children are well taken of in that school !
Those are future Land Owners, take them serious.

An imperfect brother.

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