We are not doing well- Molaodi Wa Sekake writes to the late Cde Mkhize.

Dear Mboneni Mkhize,

(Receive the footnotes)

It’s now some years since your departure from the world of the living,  young man, nonetheless hear us out.

The flock you tried so hard to sheperd is running berserk. It runs amok without any sense of remorse.

The army of conscious young socialist revolutionaries you tirelessly invested in, is extraordinarily besieged, and cannot move an inch without contradictions or conservative platitudes.

The battalion of a socialist cadreship you so commitedly contributed to, nowadays never falls short of being unnecessarily at loggerheads with each other in public at the behest of the monied elite.

We have replaced the iron law of ideology critique with a mania for ego talk. We have replaced fierce dialectical discussions with all the fathomable and unfathomable vagaries of modern day decadence.

The articles and many other ideological and polemical papers you used to selflessly print and re-print for us, we have turned into malleable x-trays of our puffable arrogance and ego.

The “unity and struggle of the opposite” notion you sought to hammer home in every political class, has turned out to be “with impunity we shall purge one another to drizzle out the last iota of any damn consciousness left behind”.

We are no longer laymen and women, but lounge-yearning, whiskey-enticed, accommodation-guaranteed, pussy-penis chasing pseudo-ideological tadpoles swimming in a dirty river of handed d (not clear)

You warned us of carrots that will be dangled by status quo apologists, but that warning seems to have fallen on deaf ears. When THEY used to say “go to those classes you will eat ideology”, in your presence we overcame any form of innuendo.

Behold, so it may not be said we are praising the dead to condemn to living, we have but one thing to say to you, rest assured despite all these you efforts will not be in vain. Despite our mistakes both PERSONAL and POLITICAL we shall live up to the realization of the dream you believed in and we still believe in.

We will do this in style because, yes, you taught us that, “any war that requires the suspension of reason as it’s precondition is bad war”. Take this not as a generational grievance but an affirmation of a generational mission that can no longer be postponed.

Rest in power komsomol.

Yours in a revolution,

We Sekake